Thursday, 1 January 2015


Happy new year everybody! It's officially 2015 (in the UK, anyway) and I just wanted to make a little blog post to:

A) Wish everybody an awesome 2015!! 
B) tell you about my New Years resolutions

I know this may seem a bit self indulgent, but it's mostly because I want to look back at the end of the year and see if I actually accomplished everything I set out to do. I'd just lose them if I wrote them down on paper, so here they are!

  • write in my diary every day
  • write at least 500 words of fiction or poetry everyday
  • carry on this blog, and post consistently 
  • write the first draft of my novel (!!!!!)
  • read at least 80 books
  • read the Harry Potter series
  • be more positive (about everything)
  • try hard at school, revise more, and get good grades
There's quite a few, and some of them are quite ambitious (especially the last one. And the novel) but I think I can do it! Wish me luck!

Happy new year once again, what are your resolutions?

-Mia xx

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