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It's quarter to four, and I have an hour and a half before I go and see Insurgent (I keep wanting to write Allegiant. No. I am so not ready for that.). I have to admit, my expectations are pretty low; I haven't been impressed by the trailers I've seen, and I know they've strayed quite a bit from the book, but I'm still really excited to see it.
I just hope the guy who plays Uriah does a good job. That's all I'm going to ask for. (Uriah is my favorite Divergent character, and I was SO pissed that they cut him out of the first movie.)
I need to get ready now, see you in a few hours! 



So I saw Insurgent last night (I should have written this post then, but I decided to finish catching up on the Flash instead. It was a good decision.), and I actually quite enjoyed it! Yay! I'm gonna write my thoughts in bullet points, because I'm too tired to try and make everything make sense in paragraphs. 

  • I loved how Tris' character was portrayed in this movie. Shailene Woodley's performance was so fantastic and emotional and I thought she showed how Tris reacted to the events of Divergent really well. The flashbacks and hallucinations Tris had were really effective, and I'm just really glad that Tris' character development was included in the movie. It did annoy me that she was using a gun, but Shailene's acting was so good that it didn't really matter.
  • Speaking of Shailene's acting, the truth serum scene absolutely killed my heart. If you're like me and cry at everything, you are most definitely going to need tissues. I don't really know what else to say about it, but if you've seen the movie you'll know it was super painful (especially Tobias admitting he stayed in Dauntless because he fell in love with Tris. *cry*)
  • Actually, I cried a TON whilst watching this movie. I wasn't expecting to, so I didn't take any tissues, but I was really emotional. Maybe it's just because I'm already so connected to the characters and the relationship from reading and loving the books. Most of what I cried about was fourtris, because ALLEGIANT. That's all I'm saying. 
  • That bit where Tobias said "If you die, I die." (or something like that anyway, I was concentrating on not annoying everyone in the cinema with my emotions) killed me. I have said 'killed me' way too many times now.
  • Tobias playing with children was so adorable. Let's just think of all the fourtris babies that could've been. 
  • For some reason Jeanine's holographic face being everywhere really amused me. Apart from that, she was suitably evil and I hate her. 
  • I can't get over the fact that Evelyn looks about the same age as Tobias. She is so not old enough to be his mother. Also, why did she have a full face of makeup on the whole time? She was supposed to be slumming it with the factionless.
  • Factionless as a whole was way more put together than I was expecting. I just imagined them sitting around a fire eating soup from a can in the book, and I don't really think the changes made sense. Where did they get all  that stuff from?
  • I HATE CALEB SO MUCH. Ugh. I did, however, love how Ansel Elgort played him. He captured the awkwardness and douche bag-ness of Caleb perfectly but I also felt like his character had a lot more depth in the movie than he did in the book.
  • They added in quite a few action scenes that I thought were kind of unnecessary. The one on the train, for example. Why didn't Tobias just tell them who he was to start with? I understand that we don't just want to see Tris standing around hating herself for two hours, but sometimes people were fighting and I just didn't really understand why. Even my sister (who loves death and destruction far too much) said that "people were shooting things too much")
  • A lot of the action itself seemed kind of fake and unrealistic. I'm not talking about the stuff in simulations here, that's supposed to look fake, but when Tris and Four were fighting Jeanine and her buddies it all just seemed too clean.
  • The flying, burning house made me laugh. I don't know why. It's just so ridiculous. 
  • I really like Peter in this movie. He's a horrible person, but he sure is entertaining to watch on screen. 
  • The bit with the little girl broke my heart. :(
  • I didn't really like that Marlene, Lynn and the others weren't properly introduced and were barely in the movie. I like their characters a lot, and I wish we could have seen them more in the movie. I also didn't really like that Marlene's relationship with Uriah was completely abandoned and that her death was completely glossed over. As much as I love Tris and Four, it would have been great to see more of the other characters.
  • Lynn didn't die, right? So that means the people who die in Allegiant don't hate to die either. Right? RIGHT? 
  • I still don't get why the box was there. I mean, it had exactly the same purpose as the memory card thingy in the book and the whole plot line about trying to open it seemed kind of unnecessary. Again, this might just because I'm used to the plot of the book and adding the box in completely changed the story.
  • I was super happy and proud in Tris' amity simulation thing where simulation Tris was all "No one will forgive you" and real Tris was like "I will." (I am paraphrasing here. Sorry.). You go girl! 
  • There were definitely a lot of changes from the book, but it actually stuck to the story more than I was expecting from what I saw in the trailers. It was a lot less faithful than Divergent, however, but it didn't really bother me too much. At least a lot of the scenes were still recognizable.
  • I noticed a lot of the extras were being really weird. Some of them seemed like they were trying really hard not to fangirl (which would 100% be me) and some of them were totally overacting. It was funny. 
  • There was way too much slo-mo. It was super cheesy. Just stop.
  • Why did Evelyn shoot Jeanine? It's supposed to be Tori who kills Jeanine!
  • On the other hand, Jeanine's dead! Wooo! And Eric! (who was really evil and awesome in this movie, by the way.)
  • I like the guy playing Uriah! *sigh of relief* I was really worried he was going to mess it up, but he did okay. Of course I wish that there had been more Uriah in the movie, but honestly I was just so excited to see him on the screen! (Everytime he showed up I freaked out. It was kind of embarrasing). I'm so not looking forward to THE THING happening to him in Allegiant :(
Well, that got really long. Sorry. Overall, I enjoyed Insurgent a whole lot more than I was expecting to, even though it definitely had a lot of flaws and I wish it would have stayed more true to the books. Allegiant is going to absolutely break me.

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