Thursday, 19 March 2015


If you didn't know, the trailer for the movie adaptation of John Green's 'paper towns' was released earlier today! Ahhh! I love the book (not as much as TFiOS, which will forever be my favorite John Green book and one of my favorite movies, but I still adore paper towns), so I'm super excited to watch it. Let's do this!!!


I'm gonna talk about casting first, because honestly it can make or break a movie for me. Especially if it's an adaptation.

I know I'm going to love Nat as Q; he's exactly how I pictured that character to be! He just seems like a 'John Green hero' (see: kind of nerdy, awkward, adorable) to me anyway. I also thought he was perfect as Isaac in TFiOS, so as long as I don't get their characters mixed up I think he's going to be great.

Unfortunately, I'm slightly less excited about Cara Delevigne in her role as Margo. It's not that I don't like her, I do, it's just that I know her too well as a model to see her as the character. I'm sure I'll get used to it, but I do wish they'd cast someone who was less well-known. That aside, she seemed pretty good in this trailer, although it's a bit early to be judging her acting skills. The only other issue I have with her casting is that I'm sure Margo was described as being curvy in the book. It's not a big deal, of course, but it would have been nice to see a main female character who didn't (literally) look like a supermodel. Oh, and I saw a ton of people in the comments like "I'm only watching this because Cara's in it", and I just want to throw the book at their faces.

Apart from those two, Lacy looks and acts almost exactly how I pictured her, Ben looks way younger than everyone else (Anybody else thinking this? He seriously looks like he should be someone's little brother) and although we only saw Radar for half a second I'm sure he's going to be just as hilarious as he was in the book. 
Also, how adorable are little Margo and Q? Awww.

Now, for the trailer itself,
I really liked it! I think it gave just enough information about the story (although I already know exactly what happens, so maybe some people who haven't read the book might disagree) and to me it conveyed the fun but mysterious tone of the book. 

The scene with Margo and Q and the supermarket check out seems like it's going to be really funny, and I loved seeing some clips of the epic revenge mission at the start of the book. That bit is going to be SO much fun to watch on the big screen! 

We also got to see some of the road trip, which is really exciting as it happens to be one of my favorite sequences in any book ever. I love roadtrips in any context, really, and I could not be any more excited to see the hilarity ensue on screen. 

Unfortunately we didn't get to see the collection of black Santas, which is sad, but I'm sure that day will come soon. Is it bad that that's probably the part of the movie I'm most anticipating? I just want to see the black santas! 

Some of the dialogue's a bit cheesy (especially Margo's angst-filled little talk about the paper towns and Q's subsequent "not you."), but really, what's a YA romance without a little bit of cheese? As long as I'm not cringing at every line it won't bother me. 

I liked the song in the trailer too (I believe it's 'smile' by Micky Ekko). I totally think it fits the tone of the story and now it's stuck in my head. Great.

Basically, so many things and scenes look exactly how I pictured them and I am SO FREAKING EXCITED. Despite my earlier skepticism, especially about the casting, I am really, really looking forward to seeing this movie. Is it July 24th yet? I really want it to be July 24th! 

So, what did you think about the 'paper towns' movie trailer? Are you as excited to see it as I am?!

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