Saturday, 4 April 2015


Hi guys!
I've been writing a lot recently (in fact I'm only a few thousand words away from finishing the first draft of my novel! Look out for a writing update soon.), and I know now that camp nanowrimo is in full swing a lot of other people will be too.

I can't write without music on, and I'm always looking for new music to listen to whilst I'm writing. Personally I'm okay with having words in the background, but a lot of people can't focus so most of these are movie scores without any lyrics.

Most of these recommendations work best for kind of action packed urban fantasy stories, because that's what I'm writing!

Let's get started...

I am in LOVE with this band. Their music is so relaxing and calming, and I love having it in the background whilst I'm writing romantic scenes between my characters. I was also listening to one of their songs whilst I was writing a really sad character death last night. THE FEELS. 
You can find pretty much all of their music on youtube if you just type the band name into the search bar, and there are tons of playlists on there that you can choose from.
My personal favorite song is SATURN, which also happens to fit the main couple in my book really well.

If you know the story of Divergent, and if you've seen the film, you can probably imagine what this sounds like. I think it has a great mix of fast paced tracks for writing action and more relaxing songs for slower scenes. 
I love putting a movie soundtrack on because then I don't have to worry about changing my music at all for an hour or more, and I can just get completely lost in my writing.
Actually, I recommend anything Hans Zimmer has ever touched. The man is a genius.
You can listen to the whole soundtrack on youtube, HERE!

All of the Hunger Games soundtracks are great, but (just like with the book and the movie) catching fire is my favorite. 
Again, it has a great mix of different tracks for different scenes, but I think it's particularly great if you're writing something intense and action packed.
You can listen to the whole score on youtube, HERE!

Fall out Boy are one of my favorite bands of all time, and it's probably because I know all of their music so well that I can totally zone it out whilst I'm writing. 
Their music just always gets me really pumped up and ready to write! 
Right now I'm loving their newest album, 'American beauty, American psycho', but all of their music is really fun.
My personal favorite song is THE PHOENIX, which always kind of makes me want to start a rebellion. It's a great song to get you into that taking-down-the-government mood.
All of their music, including full albums, can be found just by typing in fall out boy on youtube.

Imagine dragons are pretty well known, but the songs I really love writing to aren't the ones that are always played on the radio. 
I personally recommend READY AIM FIREBATTLE CRY and WARRIORS, which are all fantastic for intense battle scenes. 
Once again, you can find all of their music on you tube, including full albums! 

So, are you someone who can listen to music whilst your writing, or do you need complete silence? Does anyone else have issues trying not to have a dance party sometimes?

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