Monday, 13 July 2015


Hi everyone,

We're (approximately) half way through July, which means camp nanowrimo is half way over! Ah! Today I just wanted to give you a short update about my writing and how well I'm staying on track with my goal.

If you haven't seen my previous camp nanowrimo related post, I'm trying to re-write at least 35,000 words of the young adult urban fantasy/sci fi novel that I'm currently editing during the month of July. You can find out a little bit more about my novel here.

At the time of writing it's Saturday the 11th of July (this post is probably going up whilst I'm away, so hi from the past!) and I am at exactly 17,000 words. My graph currently looks like THIS:

As you can probably tell, my writing month has been going pretty well so far! Aside from the three days where I didn't write anything (which were the last few days of the school year, so they were totally hectic) I've been pretty productive, and I'm quite a bit (about 5k words) ahead of where I need to be. Honestly, this is mostly because I haven't had to change too much from my first draft yet, but I'm still really happy with how everything going. I think the changes I have made to my manuscript have really improved it, and I can already see my novel becoming something that somebody might actually want to read. I've also gotten rid of SO MANY spelling mistakes and weird grammar situations, which makes my inner grammar nerd very happy.

There's only one problem...I'm not going to be able to write for an entire week. I talked about this more in my SUMMER PLANS post, but basically I'm going to London with school from the 13-16th, then to London again for YALC on the 18th (more about that next week!), then to Manchester on the 19th. Basically, I'm going to be very busy and I'm not going to have any access to my beloved laptop :(

That's obviously going to set me behind on my goals, so I'm trying to get as much writing as I possibly can before I go away on Monday. I really want to reach 20,000 words before I leave!

If there's anybody reading this who's taking part in camp nanowrimo, YOU CAN DO IT! No matter how behind or ahead you are on your wordcount goal, just keep writing! That's pretty much all the advice I had.

Also writing related: I wrote a guest post on the Regal Critiques blog about how I got into writing and some tips that have helped me in the past few months. I really enjoyed writing this post, and it'd be great if you could check it out HERE!

Thank you so much for reading! Tell me in the comments how your camp nanowrimo is going, although I probably won't see them until I get home from London.


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