Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Hi everyone, 

I'm taking part in the TBR JAR CHALLENGE this year, created by the wonderful KatytasticClick HERE to watch her explain everything about the challenge.

Today I'm talking about the books I (didn't) read to fulfill my challenge in June, as well as the challenge I picked out for July. Let's get to it!

CHALLENGE PICKED: Re-read a favorite book
BOOKS READ: None. Oops! I just had too many new books to read and unfortunately I didn't have time to revisit any old favorites :(

CHALLENGE PICKED: Read a book by a "new to you" author.
BOOK PICKED: Only ever yours - Louise O'Neill
 I'm currently reading this book anyway, so why not count it towards my challenge as well? I've never read a Louise O'Neill book before (hence why she's a new to me author) but I'm really enjoying her writing so far!

I'm sorry that was such a short post! There will be more reviews and stuff up soon, I've just been super busy.

Thanks for reading, and let's hope I actually complete my challenge this month!

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