Friday, 1 January 2016


Happy New Year everyone!

2015 is over, and for my first post of the new year I want to look back on the books that I read. I had a pretty good reading year, despite encountering reading slumps and all kinds of crazy real-life things, and I'm quite proud of how my statistics look overall!

Without further ado, here is my year in books...

NOTE: Most of this information comes from my goodreads account. You can add me as a friend on goodreads here :)

102 books! Hell yeah! I easily beat my goal of reading 80 books, and read exactly 17 more  books than I did in 2014. Of course the amount of books you read isn't really important, but I'm still proud that I managed to find the time and motivation to read so many pages in a very busy year!


As you can see, I read mostly fantasy this year (which I'm totally fine with, since it's my favourite genre) with quite a lot of contemporary, some dystopias, and not a lot of anything else. Next year I definitely want to try and read more of a range of genres, and I really want to read more classics and historical fiction.

Obviously The order of the Phoenix would be the longest- that book is a BEAST. I think 360 pages is a pretty good average, and I'm glad I didn't just read really short books to reach my goal (like I did in 2014).

What a surprise! I mostly read YA! I'm not ashamed of this at all, but I would like to try and read more adult books next year. It's just good to have some variety sometimes, although I'll always love young adult.

I gave 22 books 5 stars (yay!), 63 books 4 stars, 10 books 4 stars and 2 books 2 stars. There were also five books that I apparently forgot to put star ratings on. Oops. This makes my average rating 4.1 stars, and I'm really happy with that! I genuinely enjoyed the majority of the books I read last year, and at the end of the day that's all that really matters.

I read a lot of fantastic books in 2015, and it was so hard to pick fifteen to feature on my list of the best books of the year. I finally managed to narrow it down, though, and you can read the list here!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a brilliant 2016...

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