Monday, 25 January 2016


Hi everyone! Congratulations on getting through Monday.

My mock exams are finally over (*insert angels singing here*), which means it's time to finally catch up on all the posts I was supposed to write right back at the start of January! Today, as kind of a sequel to yesterday's 2016 writing goals, I just wanted to quickly share some of the goals I want to achieve in my reading this year.

Before that, I have a very (well, not really) exciting announcement. I'm on Instagram now! And I'm obsessed with it! I never thought this would happen, but apparently I am not strong enough to resist the lure of the instagram. You can follow me for pictures of cool books and other stuff.
Anyway, back to the goals. I didn't want to have too many epic plans and challenges this year since I'm going to be very busy with school (GCSE's! Starting sixth form! Save me now!) and I really don't want to take the fun out of reading like I have a little bit in recent years. That being said, there are a few bookish goals I'm really hoping to meet before the end of December...

  • READ AT LEAST 70 BOOKS    This is actually a pretty low target for me (perspective: I read 102 books in 2015), but since my year is going to be so crazy with aforementioned school stuff I had to aim a bit lower than usual. Honestly, this still might be a bit over ambitious, but I can try!
  • READ AT LEAST 7 CLASSICS     I really enjoy classics when I actually read them, it's just that that never seems to happen. Don't ask me why. In an attempt to get myself to read more classic novels than the four I read last year without overwhelming myself, I have set my goal for an achievable 7 books.
  • READ ONE NON-YA BOOK A MONTH    I'm branching out! Of course I will never abandon my beloved young adult books, but I do want to try and read in some different genres throughout this year. It's just time to try something new, I think.
  • READ WHAT I WANT TO!    In 2015, I got so wrapped up in reading new releases and review books, or whatever the big hyped book of the moment was, that I didn't get around to reading a lot of the books I actually wanted to read. It was kind of sad, really, and it dampened a lot of the passion I have for reading. That's not happening in 2016. This year I am FREE!
  • RE-READ ALL OF THE SHADOWHUNTER BOOKS    Honestly, I've just been wanting to do this for ages, and with the TV show happening and Lady Midnight out in a couple of months (ahhhh!) I'm feeling more compelled to pick up Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunter books than ever. It's going to happen this year!
Thanks for reading! Don't forget to comment what your reading goals for 2016, and have a great week...

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