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In case you weren't aware, the first two episodes of SHADOWHUNTERS, ABC family's (or freeform or whatever they're called now) TV adaptation of Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series, were released this Tuesday. I'm a huge Cassandra Clare fan, so of course I've been highly anticipated this show ever since they announced they were making it, and...well...I have thoughts. LOTS of thoughts.

Overall, the first couple of episodes of SHADOWHUNTERS exceeded my extremely low expectations. I thought I was going to hate every single second of it, and that wasn't the case. In fact, I'm actually feeling optimistic about where this show could go. Yes, it's ridiculously cheesy and the CGI is awful and I have a hell of a lot of problems with it, but I still managed to enjoy it overall. Sure, it's very different from the books (have the writers even read the books? It wouldn't surprise me if they hadn't), but I'm trying to put that aside.

I definitely liked the second episode more than the first. It was just less all over the place and the writing made me cringe less. Plus, there we got to see a lot more of some of my favourite characters. Basically, I recommend you watch the second episode even if you hated the first one. Let's hope this show just carries on getting better!

NOTE: It's really too early to decide what I think about all the specifics, but these are just my first impressions of what's happening in the show. All my opinions might totally change over the next few episodes.
  • I LOVE Alberto Rosende as Simon. He's adorable and hilarious and I think he's delivering all his little one liners perfectly. Also, I'm totally feeling his chemistry with both Clary and Isabelle, which I'm not getting with some of the other potential ships.
  • Harry Shum Jr is FIERCE as Magnus, and I really hope we see more of him ASAP. His character does seem a little bit darker and slightly less sassy than the Magnus I know and love, but hopefully this will change as he gets more screen time.
  • Matthew Daddario as Alec. I can't even. He's perfect. He's just the right amount of moody and sassy and I just want him to kiss Magnus right now.
  • Honestly, I'm not totally loving Jace so far. I think it's more the fault of the script than Dominic Sherwood's acting, but he's just not sassy or arrogant enough. (I feel like I'm saying sassy too much right now. All of Cassandra's characters are sassy) He needs to be more of an asshole!
  • Emeraude Toubia is so gorgeous I can't even handle it. I think she's going to be a great Isabelle, and she's totally pulling off these skin tight leather outfits. The only concern I have is that they might be sexualising Izzy too much. Like, I'm all here for Izzy being confidant and showing off her body, that's one of the reasons I love her so much, but I felt like sometimes the show was focussing more on her outfits than on her badass fighting skills.
  • I don't like Clary. I've never liked Clary, and Kat McNamara hasn't changed that. It's not her fault, it's just that I have a slightly irrational hatred for her character and that's really hard to look past.
  • I loved all of the Simon/Izzy banter in the second episode! They're going to be an adorable couple when they finally get together, my only concern is that it might be going a little bit too fast. Insta-love sucks.
  • Speaking of going to fast, I feel like the whole story is just a little bit rushed right now. I wish more time had been taken to explain what the Shadowhunters were and set up everything before jumping right into the plot. I definitely feel like everything with the vampires is happening too soon, and I'm worried that people who haven't read the books haven't had time to get into the world before everything starts to go crazy.
  • I don't get the whole demonic murder thing that Luke keeps talking about? It obviously wasn't in the books, and they haven't actually explained what's happening at all yet. Hopefully this will get cleared up soon and it will actually be relevant to the story.
  • I don't really like the institute set. It seems way too modern and I really don't get the point of all the technology. Maybe it's just because I can't get over the image I had in my head whilst reading the books, but I just always picture the institute as being much older and grander.
  • The writing is so cheesy, but I was expecting that. Sure, it made me cringe a few times and I kept laughing at things I probably shouldn't have been laughing at, but it actually didn't bother me that much. As long of the story and the characters are good I can look past it.
  • The CGI. Oh god, the CGI is so bad. Especially on the portals. I don't have anything else to say about it, just that it's terrible and I really wish the production value was a little bit higher.
  • There were some details from the books that I am SO glad they kept in- Simon's constantly changing band names, Isabelle's terrible cooking, the Made in Brooklyn T-shirt. It's just those little things that really make the show for me, even though they might not mean anything to people who haven't read the books.
  • I have a huge problem with Clary's hair. I know it's silly, but it just looks so fake and cheap and I can't get over it. WHY IS IT SO BRIGHT? THIS IS NOT WHAT GINGER HAIR LOOKS LIKE.
  • I don't really feel any chemistry between Clary and Jace so far. This'll probably change as they have more screen time together, and it might just be because I'm not a big Clace shipper anyway, but their scenes just seemed kind of awkward and forced to me.
  • I NEED MALEC NOW. That is all. At least they were in the same building in the first episode! (speaking of which, does Magnus own the pandemonium club? What's with that?)
  • I don't understand why Valentine is in Chernobyl. It's weird and random and it makes no sense. I actually had a conversation about this on twitter which ended up involving Cassandra Clare, and she confirmed that Shadowhunters are NOT immune to radiation. I DON'T UNDERSTAND.
If you're still reading this, thank you! Sorry it was rambly and long and probably made no sense, I just had to get my opinions out there. Have a great weekend, and feel free to tell me what you thought in the episodes in the comments...

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