Friday, 15 July 2016



Hi everyone,

Week two of Camp NaNoWriMo is over, and I'm officially exhausted. I need sleep. If I sound slightly hysterical in this post that is why.

Aside from the sleep deprivation, Camp NaNo is going pretty well for me so far! I reached 30 thousand words yesterday, which I was very happy about, and my story is still moving along pretty smoothly. Here are my stats for the month so far:

 Not too shabby, if I do say so myself. As you can see, I'm quite far ahead of the word count goal at the moment, and I'm almost three quarters of the way through my target. Hooray! I had my most productive day of the month so far on the 13th, when I wrote over 3500 words.

There's a reason I've been trying so hard to get ahead, though. Next weekend I'm going to London to watch Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) and I'll be separated from my precious laptop for three whole days. It's going to be horrible, and obviously I'm not going to get a lot of writing done. Hopefully I've written enough to not fall behind in that time.

There's one other problem  this week, and it's one that's really been stressing me out. My story is nearly over. Since I'm finishing a novel instead of starting a new one I was already quite close to the end, and now I'm half way through my big climactic fight scene (which is really fun to write, actually). I'd guess there are only 10 thousand words at most left to write, but I have to write 18 thousand to win Camp NaNo. I think once I finish I'm just going to write some short stories and start counting blog posts towards my word count, but I'm not really sure yet.

Two more things this week! For one, I chickened out of killing a character. I'd been planning it since I first started planning the book, but when it came to it I just couldn't do it. Maybe I'm too soft for this writer thing, or maybe I just got way too attached to that character. Secondly, SHINY NEW IDEA SYNDROME has struck. I finally got an idea for NaNoWriMo this November, but now I can't stop thinking about it. All I want to do is start outlining, but I've got to finish this book. The writer struggle is real.

July 10th - Reached 20,000 words
July 13th - Reached 25,000 words. Best writing day of Camp NaNo so far.
July 14th - Reached 30,000 words

Most of the music I listened to this week was by Ruelle. If you've watched the Shadowhunters TV series (It's on netflix if you haven't, and I highly reccomend it if you want some cheesy, so-bad-it's-good fantasy in your life) you'll already be familiar with her music since it's featured heavily on that show, but I found that her songs perfectly fit the tone of my novel and the lyrics are surprisingly relevant to the story. All her music is on spotify, so go and check her out!

Thanks for reading. Let me know how Camp NaNoWriMo is going for you in the comments, then go and WRITE THOSE WORDS!


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