Friday, 8 July 2016


Hi everyone,

It's currently day eight of Camp NaNoWriMo 2016, and I'm feeling pretty good about it! I passed 15,000 words yesterday, my story's moving along relatively well, and I haven't had a mental breakdown yet. I feel so successful.

Today is my one week update, where I'll be talking about my word count, my goals for next week and some of the challenges I've faced so far. I'm going to keep it quick, because honestly it's eight at night and I haven't written anything today and I'm stressing out a bit.

To find out more about Camp NaNoWriMo, and my plans for this month, you can read my announcement/introduction from last week!

Okay, so here are my stats for the first week...

As you can probably see, I'm currently quite a bit ahead of the target word count needed to reach 50,000 words. Hooray! I honestly thought I'd be behind by this point, since I've had quite an interesting week (my house was being decorated and I couldn't be home until about four every day. It sucked), so I am very happy with my progress so far.

My word count per day has been kind of inconsistent. I wrote over 3,000 words on the first day, and again yesterday, but then I didn't write anything at all on the fifth (or so far today, but that'll change as soon as I get this post up!). Hopefully next week my life will be back to normal and I'll be able to get into more of a routine for writing, but for now I'm just glad that I had those two really strong days to make up for the ones I couldn't write much on.

My week's been pretty good overall,  but that doesn't mean there haven't been challenges. Aside from the aforementioned IRL stuff (don't you just hate when real life gets in the way of your fantasy world?), I have definitely been suffering the consequences of not preparing at all. I hadn't so much as glanced at this novel since November, and yet I thought I could just dive back into the story with no problems at all. This was a mistake. I literally couldn't remember my character's names, and by July 1st I had no time to read back through to remind myself of what actually happened. Consider this my writing tip of the week: if you're going back to a novel, at least try to get back into the world before you start writing again.

July 1st- Camp NaNo starts!

July 4th- Reached 10,000 words (Also independence day, but we all know what's more important here)

July 7th- Reached 15,000 words

The Hamilton cast recording, by Lin Manuel Miranda and the original Broadway Cast of Hamilton. This has been my soundtrack of my entire life for probably the last six months, but I've been listening to it almost every time I've written over the past week and I regret nothing. It's brilliant and motivational (Non stop gets me particularly excited to write), but I do have to take breaks every five minutes to have a sing along.

Thank you so much for reading. I have to go and write...

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