Saturday, 3 September 2016


Hi everyone,

The internet is useful for a lot of things, right? Connecting with people, finding new information, watching cat just makes everything more convenient. Writing is no exception!

For this weeks Writer Weekend's post I wanted to bring some attention to five of my favourite websites (well, four websites and one phone) which have made the entire writing process SO much easier for me. All of these programs are completely free and don't require any sketchy downloads, because I am broke and terrified of computer viruses. Don't worry!

Writometer is an android phone app that has practically saved my life, writing wise. I love it so much. It allows you to track your progress, set goals, set a timer for writing sprints and reward yourself for writing. This really helps with motivating me to write and helping me keep track of what I've actually done, and overall just makes me ten times more productive. Aside from that there are some really fun features and the app is just so cute and easy to use. You can find more information here.

Charahub is a website that allows you to create detailed profiles for your characters, group them and share them with other people. You can upload pictures, fill out the (very long) questionnaire, and overall it's a great resource for developing and organising your characters. You can find charahub here.

 Padlet isn't necessarily designed to be a writing resource, but it's the main programme that I use to outline my stories (more on that next week!). It's basically a virtual pinboard that allows you to create and move around note cards, and I find it incredibly useful for ordering scenes in a novel. Use it here!

Inkarnate is a map designing programme, which basically makes it really easy to make maps for all your fictional worlds. I'm terrible at both geography and drawing, so this definitely saved me from having to draw out my maps by hand and having a complete disaster. It's basically essential for anyone writing fantasy. You can find inkarnate here.

My write club is a lot like writometer in that it allows you to track your progress and create writing goals, but it's a website instead of a mobile app and it has a much more simple layout. It also gives you the chance to connect with friends and take part in writing sprints every half an hour where you can compare how many words you write with others around the world. You can find my write club here.

Thanks for reading, now GO AND WRITE SOME WORDS!

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  1. I basically need all these apps/websites in my life! I've opened them all to take a look and see what works for me, so thank you for sharing! <3
    Enchanted by YA